Licha (Alice) Groves

Spanish Teacher

Licha [Alice] Groves, Mt. Scott’s new Spanish Language and Culture teacher, had multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual upbringing in South America and the United States. She is passionate about leveraging the experiences of her own upbringing to instill in others an appreciation for the rich heritage of other cultures, especially those of Latin America. Additionally, Licha has a special affinity for, and a strong desire to help, others who have recently immigrated to the country or otherwise struggled to fit in.

As a professional artist, Licha has worked within numerous school communities, becoming a bilingual teacher in 2010 while living in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has worked at several Title 1 schools in under-resourced communities in the Bay Area in and around San Francisco. New to the Pacific Northwest, Licha is excited to join an educational community which strives for what is truly best for the student and seeks to assure their success first and foremost.

Licha is also a mom, tutor, artist, hiker, camper, surfer, dancer, “derby chick” and always open to trying something new.